Numerous upgrades including new/repaired roof, upgraded freezer/cooler space!

Emerald Property


77,962 Square foot industrial Flex Building 100% leased to four tenants. 3.137 acres with an acre of Parking. Numerous upgrades including new/repaired roof, upgraded freezer/cooler space (currently not being utilized). The freezer/cooler is not currently running. Easy to access from I84 and Eagle Road Off Ramps. 7 Dock High doors all upgraded, 5 roll up doors.

Emerald Property 2


  • New insulated roof on the north half with 20 year warranty.
  • Parking lot resurfaced and striped.
  • LED Lights inside and out.
  • Two new dock highs all 7 have been upgraded with new levelers, vehicle restraints, bumpers, seals, lights and a dock control panels.
  • Kemper Northwest has completed extensive upgrades to the Ammonia based cooling/freezer system and under floor air system: added a new control system including new pumps/controls, ammonia detection/sensors, defrost controls for freezer/cooler evap systems, HOA switches to logic panel, desktop computer with intel-dual core/2.5hz windows 10 operating system, sensors on all evaps inlet/outlet, new microprocessors, new Teikoku ammonia pumps, elevated pipe stands/insulated with styro/aluminum clad jacketing, re-calibrated all ammonia detection equipment and sensors, label all new piping to current codes, pressure test and charge system, clean condensers and check all spray nozzles. A full report is available to provide full scope of improvements. Existing equipment and system can accommodate cooler expansion/bid in place. Startup time approximately 20 days.
  • iWorkWise Ammonia Refrigeration System Documentation and Equipment Operations & Maintenance Manual. Detailed evaluation or equipment, operations and procedures.
  • All Valley Sprinkler has completed a 5-year sprinkler system assessment. Repairs and maintenance included replacement of sprinkler heads and testing. A full systems report has been provided to the Fire Department.
  • Crane Alarm has completed a full systems evaluation replacing heads and sensors as needed.
  • Upgraded restrooms and office space.

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